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Gronstedt Group is a digital training agency at the intersection of gaming, media and learning. We develop award-winning educational games and simulations, scribes and television-style video, mobile training apps and virtual reality experiences. Our blended training programs drive performance improvements and business results for clients like Google, HP, DaVita, and the U.S. Department of Transportation. Examples of our custom-developed corporate learning programs include:

  • A Mission Possible-themed video-based sales simulation game to transform Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s global sales force
  • A tower defense-style game to train Intuit employees on cyber security skills
  • A 3D immersive management simulation game for the American Hotel and Lodging Institute
  • A television-style drama to inspire breakthrough performance at Kimberly-Clark

Our methodology is highly collaborative, placing the utmost emphasis on tailoring solutions around client-defined business goals. We assign a dedicated team of experts to work in tandem with the client.

Dr. Anders Gronstedt

Dr. Anders Gronstedt


Founded in 1997, we’re thought and practice leaders in the training industry. Our president and founder, Anders Gronstedt, Ph.D., presents regularly at ATD International and other leading conferences (see our Events schedule) and publishes in leading trade publications like the Harvard Business Review. Feel free to read his Long-View interview in TD Magazine.

Learn about our training games, simulations, videos, 3D immersive experiences, mobile apps, virtual and augmented reality learning programs:

Learning games and simulationsHow do you develop a new generation of learners who have spent more time with video games than in school? With a game of course! We custom-develop educational games that thrive on a sense of engagement, storytelling, character identification, immersion, problem solving, and accomplishment. Our award-winning games and simulations help people solve real-world problems via hands-on, learning-by-doing engagement. We developed a cyber security game for Intuit where players defend their web app in an epic battle against a hacker attack. The learning game is modeled after tower defense-style games.  Our 3D hospitality management simulation puts learners in a 3D, high-fidelity, virtual hotel. Players explore the hotel environment with the goal of maintaining hotel brand and security standards.

The new generation of virtual reality can transport learners to any environment imaginable. It could be a wrap-around 360-degree video scene or a fully interactive computer-generated space that feels almost real. Gronstedt Group develops virtual reality experiences that offer an affordable “flight simulator” for any task that’s too dangerous, expensive or inconvenient to practice in real life.  We develop for the entire range of new VR headsets: Facebook’s Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR, and Google Cardboard and Daydream. Our VR learning applications span everything from emergency response to soft skills. Read our feature article in ATD’s TD MagazineFrom Immersion to Presence: How virtual and augmented reality can transform learning.”

Mobile learningOur microlearning solutions take a mobile-first approach, with intuitive and elegant user experiences. Some feature vertical video, which are nine times more likely to be completed than horizontal ones, according to Snapchat research. Others include augmented reality, superimposing digital graphics over the world around you. Think “Pokémon GO” for learning. These microlearning apps provide the opportunity to reinforce new concepts and put them into practice right away. Gronstedt Group brings a consumer-app mindset that will help learning organizations integrate themselves into employees’ lives with useful, relevant, intuitive, elegant, fast, fun and addictive microlearning experiences. Read our CLO Magazine article about mobile microlearning.

VIdeo dramitizationsWe develop television-style video that inspires the audience to action. Our video dramatizations can be broadcast online, displayed in classroom sessions, or incorporated into online simulations. Some of our videos are shot vertically (portrait) for optimal mobile viewing. They feature powerful plots and colorful characters, inspiring learners to ask themselves, “What would I do in that situation?” The characters in our sales dramatization for United Healthcare were so vivid that they became part of the sales organization’s vernacular; reps would say, “I don’t want to be a Bob.” Kimberly-Clark managers used our videos to hold “viewing parties” with their teams to spark important conversations. Watch a trailer demo.

Scribe videoIf you are one of the 15 million YouTube viewers who watched Daniel Pink’s animated TED Talk about motivation, you already know about the learning power of scribe videos. The trend that started with the UPS whiteboard campaign has exploded in popularity. Our scribes, or whiteboard animation videos, feature sequential artist sketches drawn on a whiteboard with audio narration. Watch an example of a scribe video we developed for Dell, or read our T+D article about scribe videos.

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